Wisdom and Knowledge

“The purpose of these proverbs is to teach people wisdom and discipline, and to help them understand wise sayings. Through these proverbs, people will receive instruction in discipline, good conduct, and doing what is right, just, and fair. These proverbs will make the simpleminded clever. They will give knowledge and purpose to young people. Let those who are wise listen to these proverbs and become even wiser. And let those who understand receive guidance by exploring the depth of meaning in these proverbs, parables, wise sayings, and riddles” (Proverbs 1:2-6 NLT).

A person may have extensive business knowledge, but it is nothing without God’s direction and intervention. In addition to reading the latest business articles and books, the wise entrepreneur will also read the Bible. God’s wisdom is timeless, and His Word provides the guidance and instructions that is needed to live each day. The book of Jeremiah explains it this way:

“This is what the LORD says: ‘Let not the wise man gloat in his wisdom, or the mighty man in his might, or the rich man in his riches. Let them boast in this alone: that they truly know me and understand that I am the LORD who is just and righteous, whose love is unfailing, and that I delight in these things. I, the LORD, have spoken!’” (Jeremiah 9:23-24)


Copyright © 2009 M. Teresa Trascritti

(written for Ohio Christian University, Entrepreneur Basics)

One comment

  1. Tomas · January 13, 2010

    I like your post. While the phrase ‘wisdom and knowledge’ caught my eye at a glimpse, the further reading made clear how to make the above dream the reality of our being. Thank you for the reminder of God’s omnipotent power. That was the evangelical post indeed. Thank you for the help to grasp the light (the unity of knowledge and wisdom) and thus to become ready to accept that power with true gratitude.

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