Don’t quit!

I woke up with dread as I thought about my run today. Since I had pulled a muscle a few days ago, I was not very interested in running; in fact, my last run, two days ago, was so awful that I wondered why I was even running in the first place.

When I started my run, I kept stopping for one reason or another—I had a heart palpitation, my knee brace was too tight, my clothes felt binding, etc. I kept decreasing my speed, and after a while I just felt like giving up.

Then I thought about Satan’s schemes: “…Satan will not outsmart us. For we are familiar with his evil schemes” (2 Cor 2:11, NLT). He wants to discourage us—he wants to make us quit because if we quit the small stuff then it would be easier for us to quit the big stuff.

I took off my knee brace, increased my speed and ran. I was able to go 10.02 miles because I didn’t give up.

What is Satan tempting you to quit? Don’t let him win!

Copyright © 2013 M. Teresa Trascritti


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