So thankful!

Today is my birthday. My husband did something that he doesn’t usually do—he gave me breakfast in bed. He has already been showering me with wonderful gifts, in fact our recent trip to Disney World was an early birthday present. I had always wanted to run in a Disney Run and since there were no runs in the month of March, he took me to the one in February. This was the first time we had run together. Usually we run separately because the runs are timed, but this 5K was a “fun run” so it wasn’t timed. We took our time and had pictures taken with some Disney characters and we crossed the finish line together.


The time we had made me realize how compatible we are for one another. I thought back to all the times I needed his encouragement and then I thought of all the times I had encouraged him. I could never have found such a perfect person for me but by the grace of God. So today I am thankful to God—for allowing me to wake up this morning, for giving me another year on Earth, and for my husband and my family, and for the wonderful life He has given me. Psalm 136:1, “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His love endures forever” (NLT)!


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