Just thinking…

While reading Luke 7 I came across the account of the sinful woman who cries over Jesus’ feet. It reminded me of when I took the time to think about what Christ actually did for me. I saw myself in a very dark and scary place. I was supposed to die because of all the bad things I had done in my life but just as I was being dragged to get executed, Jesus says, “I’ll take her place.” Until that time, I had never pictured Jesus’ death on the cross that way.

Sometimes I think people look at events in the Bible from an observer’s view, but the stories in the Bible seem to “come alive” when it’s personalized—when we can put ourselves in the situation of the people we are reading. When I read through the Old Testament for the first time about sixteen years ago I noted all the times the Israelites would see a miracle of God but then quickly forgot about it. I kept thinking, “They’re so dumb”; but I realized afterwards that I’m just like them. God works in my life one day then a few days or weeks later it’s like I don’t remember it.

I think maybe that’s why the Israelites started to pile memorial stones to make a physical reminder of when God worked in their lives— I read that they did this after they crossed the Jordan River. I need to mark the times God intervenes in my life so that on the days I feel down and defeated, I can look at it to remind myself that God continues to work in me.  I don’t want to seem ungrateful to God by not remembering the times when He has helped me. Thank you, God, for everything You have done in my life!


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