Pray for those who hurt you

A couple of days ago I was supposed to Skype with my parents—they are in the Philippines and it had been a little while since we last communicated. I waited for them to log on, but they never did. My stepmother sent me a message letting me know that her and my father had a disagreement about a minor issue but things just blew out of proportion. Once they had settled their differences, it was too late to Skype (they are 12 hours ahead).

I thought of the many times I had become upset over something insignificant— when I would “snap” at my husband for no apparent reason. Afterwards I realized that it was not the issue at hand that made me upset but something else that I was experiencing. In the same way, I’ve encountered people that seemed mad, and after I start speaking to them they who would turn their anger on me.

This morning I had a better understanding of the meaning behind Luke 6:28, “Bless those who curse you. Pray for those who hurt you.”

There will be people who will be unkind or downright rude to us, but we should not be “repaying evil for evil” (a reference to 1 Peter 3:9) — perhaps they are having an issue in their life and it is manifesting itself as lashing out at others. Instead of getting angry about the way some people treat us, we should bless them and pray for them. In Luke 6:31 it says, “Do to others as you would like them to do to you,” and in Proverbs 15:1 it has, “A gentle answer deflects anger…”

I will make an effort to pray for those who are unkind or mean to me. What about you?

Copyright © 2013 Dr. M. Teresa Trascritti


  1. Chris Ludbrook · April 29, 2013

    That is the plan, it is a great struggle for me, but that is the plan. My pastor gave a great message on this very subject recently, really got me thinking, especially about my time in the car. It is so easy to respond to negative events with negativity, much more difficult to confront it with love, although it is much more rewarding when you get it right 🙂

    • teresa4christ · April 30, 2013

      I think this is a struggle for all of us. You are right– it is much more rewarding when you confront it with love and get it right!

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