A new grandchild

Today, a very special thing happened— my fourth granddaughter was born. It is true that every one of my grandchildren’s birth was special, but this one was different because it was the first one that I was able to attend in the actual birth.

My role was to take pictures so I really didn’t see much— I was just concerned with capturing the moment (I took about 200 pictures).

ImageI was finally able to see the birth transpire before my eyes as I reviewed the pictures this evening. What a miracle to see my baby granddaughter take her first breath,


And then cry.


ImageI prayed for her during her birth, and I will pray for her as she grows up. I pray that God will protect her, but most of all; I pray that God will make Himself known to her and that she will follow Him.

ImageI thank God that I was able to witness such an incredible thing. I also thank my daughter-in-law and son for allowing me to be in the birthing room. May God give them wisdom, patience, love, and endurance as they raise this baby girl.


 God is so good!


Copyright © 2014 Dr. M. Teresa Trascritti

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