Bathroom Remodel

Almost 4 months ago, I decided to remodel our main bathroom—it looked terrible and outdated. My goal was to complete it in five days, but it took about 5 days just to gut everything out—the two layers of floor tile, the shower tiles, and the sink compartment (I don’t usually do this type of remodeling so I had no idea how long something like this was supposed to take).

The first few weeks, I worked very diligently to put tile up—my husband even cut tile for me, but weeks turned into months with very little progress being made.

There were days when I could have worked on it but I was just so frustrated. I was working, keeping up with the house, and trying to remodel the bathroom too. One time I had just finished tiling one of the walls when suddenly all the tiles came crashing down. I cried— I was so tired of dealing with it.

After a couple of months people started to ask about the bathroom. It was what I needed in order to do more work on it rather than to walk away and forget about it (which is really what I wanted to do). In a way, the constant questions about the bathroom was a form of accountability—I had said I would do it and now I had to follow through.

After about three months of having a big mess with no working shower or sink, I wondered how much it would cost to get someone to finish the work for me. Maybe I could get HGTV to get a crew here and fix my disaster? No, I had to do it. To me, it felt like a really long run—I wanted to quit but I had to finish it—quitting was not an option!

For the last few days I prayed for strength. I stayed up late to work on it.

Today, my husband hung the mirror and the bathroom is done! It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, but I am glad I did it. I look at the slate floors, all the tiles I laid, the sink I chose, and I can’t believe how beautiful it looks. It was only a bathroom, but I can somewhat understand how God must have felt when He created the earth and said, “It is good.”

I did it, and I believe God helped me. I crossed the finish line!

Check out my before and after pictures.




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